Various directions for students using their email.


How to get to student email:
1. Go to
2. Go to Students
3. Go to Logins
4. Go to Webmail
5. Use your Office Live username and password to log into your email.

How to add Ms. C to your address book so you can send her email and assignments:
1. Open your email.
2. Click on CONTACTS on the bottom left.
3. Click NEW.
4. First name = Betty
5. Last name = Crenshaw
6. Scroll down until you see EMAIL.
7. Type
8. Type Ms. C where it says DISPLAY AS.
9. Go to the top and click on SAVE AND CLOSE
10. To send Ms. C mail, you then click on MAIL on the bottom left.
11. Click on NEW.
12. The first time you send me mail, you might have to type in my email address again. After that, if you start typing Betty, my address should pop up.

How to turn in a PowerPoint or Word Document.
1. Make sure your file you are wanting to turn in is saved and you know where it is.
2. Open your email.
3. Select NEW.
4. Type in Ms. C's email address or start typing Betty.
5. Under SUBJECT, write two or three words that tell Ms. C what this email is about.
6. Click on the PAPERCLIP (icon that looks like a paperclip at the top next to the save disk icon).
7. Click BROWSE.
8. Go find the file you want to send to Ms. C.
9. Click on the file and click OPEN.
10. Click ATTACH.
11. Write Ms. C a message in the box below explaining what you are sending her or what you want to tell her.
12. When ready, click SEND at the top left.

How to send a URL address for ZooBurst and possibly movie files.
1. Find the URL of the project you are wanting to turn in, highlight it, and copy. In Zooburst, go to where you can view your book. At the bottom you should see a SHARE button and that will give you an URL address. Copy it.
2. Open your email.
3. Fill in the TO section with Ms. C's email address.
4. Fill in the subject line.
5. In the big box, right Ms. C a message and tell her what the URL is that you are sending her.
6. PASTE the URL right there in the message box. It helps if you put it on a line by itself and not right up in the message itself.
7. Click SEND.